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Established in 1984 IDL Colour Coating started off as a two man powder coating operation serving the local engineering market. Over time they found themselves with more and more requests for secondary metalwork operations including assembly and fabrication which slowly grew into a dedicated fabrication division supplying a whole range of welded, machined, pressed, and formed powder coated and stove enamelled components.


As the general engineering arm of the company grew the reliance on powder coating as a primary business decreased to what essentially constitutes about 10% of today's activity. In the mid-ninties IDL Colour Coating which at the time was fabricating large bespoke architectural items began to carry out on-site work, installing signs, fire escapes, tanks, and machinery. Today the company has as many onsite operatives as it does on the shop floor and has entered a new market undertaking the refurbishment of historic metalwork. In 2003 the company won a large project to refurbish 30 bronze sculptures from along the London Embankment in front of County Hall each of which weighed 6 tons.

Going Forward

As a growing company IDL Colour Coating is looking to increase production both in-house on the shop floor and within the powder coating facility as well as on-site. With a 6.5m spray booth and a 4m * 3m * 2.5m gas oven, IDL Colour Coating has ample capacity to act as a metal finishing jobbing shop for both medium volume work, large one off items as well as prototype development.

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